We’ll give Sanjay Gupta this, he’s the only one on CNN who has been willing to face Joe Rogan after the network flat-out and straight-up LIED about his taking horse dewormer when he came down with COVID earlier this year.

Witnessing the beatdown Rogan gave Gupta, we’re not surprised no one else from the failing network has had the courage to face him.


Joe was PISSED, and rightfully so.

Gotta admit, it’s fun watching Gupta squirm and pretend he doesn’t know what Rogan is talking about. It was only their main story for days, ‘doc’.


Lion’s Den.

If you’re used to CNN we suppose ‘real journalism’ seems like the Lion’s Den.

When you’re telling the truth it’s not hard to keep up.

He does work for CNN.

What else would you expect?



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