This editor has spent a fourth or more of her life in Wyoming.

It is the reddest of the red states … tied only with Oklahoma.

And THIS happened in a high school there?!

WHAT has happened to this country?!

We could see this happening in sh*t-hole Loudoun County, VA … but at a school in WYOMING?

From the Western Journal:

Before coming into school on Thursday morning, Grace Smith had already served “two consecutive two-day suspensions” for not complying with her school district’s mask mandate, the Sioux City Journal reported.

Albany County School District’s mandate states that “anyone inside a district building must have his or her face covered.”

The rule is up for review in a week, but Smith wasn’t willing to wait that long. She believes that the mandate violates her constitutional rights and, as a result, continues to refuse to comply with the order.

This 16-yer-old is smarter than most adults.

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Smith told the Sioux City Journal that the first time she was suspended, she “just left.”

“Then, after talking with our attorney, we decided to push it, so on Tuesday I didn’t [leave] and took the citation for $500 and then left,” Smith said.

Laramie High School administration warned Smith that each time she enters her school without a mask, she will be issued a misdemeanor trespassing citation.

Thursday saw Smith receive yet another citation.

This time, she didn’t want to leave, saying she had “a right” to be at school. Smith was subsequently handcuffed (as if she posed some sort of threat to her arresting officers), hauled off school property and arrested.

They handcuffed a teenager for not wearing a mask. Of course, the charge is ‘trespassing’ but we all know that was not the case. She did have every right to be in that school, and her refusal to mask was the real issue.

Shame on Laramie High School.

What a BOSS indeed.



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