Governor Ron DeSantis’ press secretary and all-around bada*s Christina Pushaw was openly tweeting about the sickout affecting airlines, especially Southwest Airlines.

Even though our friends in the media (and at Southwest Airlines) kept insisting it was the weather that caused them to cancel 1000+ flights.

Weather issues.

As usual, our favorite press secretary triggered a good many yahoos in the media and on the Left, but she really REALLY got under the skin of this guy.

He asked her to tweet responsibly.



And his treatment of DeSantis?

Yeah, super fair.

WHOOOO BOY is right.


She so badly upset him that he not only blocked her, but then went on some tweet rant about her.


Dude was always a churnalist.

Just sayin’.

And counting, lol.

He really should tweet more responsibly.


About that …


Dude got PUSHAWED.

Apparently, it’s a verb now.

Almost as bad as being Twitchied.




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