Not entirely sure what Erick Erickson was thinking here …

Say what?

You’d think Erick of all people would know better and yet he doesn’t.

Opposing overreach and literal tyranny are just people being in ‘you can’t tell me what to do’ mode?



Even those of us who have gotten the vaccine on the Right should oppose the government mandating it for others. This ain’t rocket science.

That too.

One of the best movies ever …

We went to war when they taxed our tea too much.

Just sayin’.

But that’s different or something.

So far.

Too bad it seems to be dwindling.

What he said.



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‘Even stupid people think THIS is stupid’: Cori Bush DRAGGED for dumbest spin of them ALL on Biden’s completely failed joke of a jobs report

Gosh, it looks like Southwest Airlines may have tried to cover up the MASSIVE anti-mandate sickout that impacted 1000+ flights