At this point we’re starting to wonder if Terry McAuliffe actually thinks he’s running against Donald Trump and not Glenn Youngkin. We get it, his campaign is stumbling (bigly), he’s desperate to turn it around, and thinks Trump is what saved Newsom in California so he’s trying the same thing in Virginia.

And it’s still not working.

Even CNN’s Dana Bash thinks it’s a joke at this point.


When even CNN thinks Terry is being ridiculous? LOL

And Terry tries laughing it off like he’s not the butt of her joke.


Not to mention, the only candidate running for governor in Virginia who has claimed an election was stolen IS literally Terry.

Democrats love accusing Republicans of the things THEY themselves are guilty of.

We see that now with Biden after he and Democrats spent four years pretending Trump was an authoritarian.

What a hack is putting it nicely.

The guy sucks.

We’d all suffer from alcohol poisoning if we played the Terry McAuliffe Trump drinking game.

Not at all.

Ain’t it great?



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