Gotta love one community entirely built on identity politics trying to cancel a Black comedian.

It is just so 2021 Leftist progressivism aka wannabe socialism.

This thread from Netflex employee Terra Fied where she claims Chappelle’s special didn’t offend her (when clearly she’s super offended) is what we’ve come to expect when a comedian gets a little too honest.

Not to mention it’s a TV SHOW.

If you don’t like it, DON’T WATCH IT.

This is not difficult.

For not being offended they sure seem offended. See?

Oh brother.

Says the person writing an entire thread on Twitter about a show she doesn’t have to watch.


Comedy is harmful.

Alrighty then.


There it is.

It’s perfectly fine for her to label people like JK Rowling as a TERF, but Chappelle shouldn’t talk about how our society ignores when a Black man is shot but loses it’s mind if someone who is trans gets their feelings hurt.



We said it.

Note, it’s at this point that Terra goes into listing trans-people who have been murdered because you know, Chappelle pointing out how ridiculous society is somehow leads to more trans-people getting hurt or even killed … or something.

Dave says THANKS for the free PR!

Super sensible and not at all unhinged or thin-skinned.

Every. Single. Time.



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