Senator Rand Paul used footage of Keisha King, a concerned Black mom with a powerful message about her children to drag Merrick Garland for caving to the National School Boards Association and deeming parents who ’cause a disturbance’ to be treated as domestic terrorists.

Watch the video …

‘Telling my child, or any child, that they are in a permanently oppressed status because they are black is racist.’


But if one member of that school board feels at all ‘threatened’ by what she said she could absolutely be labeled a domestic terrorist. Idiots supporting what the Biden administration has done think these parents really are ‘threatening’ people but the reality is the majority are just angry parents defending their kids.

We need more people sharing it.

Too bad we don’t have more Republican senators doing the same.

Yay! Big gov! Ending racism and stuff!


Sadly, it’s all too real.

And we know the government can’t have THAT.



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