Clinton lackey and lifetime corrupt politician who isn’t even from Virginia Terry McAuliffe has no business running anything, let alone a state like Virginia.

The way he answered this black female journalist when she asked him to describe CRT?



See the panic?

He knows if he defines CRT it will sound as horrible as it is.

And he also knows the Virginia Department of Ed hides the tenants of CRT in something called ‘Social Emotional Learning,’ but it’s far more convenient to refuse to answer her question, lash out at her, and then call parents who don’t want it taught in the classroom racist.

How this guy is even tied with Glenn Youngkin at this point and not losing badly is a sad reflection on Virginia Democrats.

Embrace the power of AND.

You can tell he was pissed that she wouldn’t let it go.

Good on her indeed.

So the liar KNOWS it’s taught here in Virginia.

But you know, parents who know it as well and want it stopped are RACIST.

Oh, let him keep talking.

Everytime he does something like this we see more and more of who he really is, and Virginians aren’t impressed.



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