Joe and Eric, sittin’ in a tree …

Don’t take it personally, Fang Fang.

Sounds like Joe Walsh had himself a little sitdown with Eric Swalwell. Like the dumb leading the dumber:

Defending democracy (we’re a Republic) against Trumpism (Trump hasn’t been president in over nine months) is their number one job right now.

We suppose if your entire job is based on grifting stupid people on the Left this makes sense.

Eric sent some kissies back:



Alrighty then.

And we hate to break it to Eric and Joe, but it’s not Trumpism they need to worry about in the midterms. It’s that Red Wave we know is coming.

Not a great visual but fair.

Also not a great visual.


There’s a joke here that we’re not making.

Wonder if Joe is gonna grab his musket again.



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