Remember when our betters told us how stupid we were and how much ‘better’ our lives would be when the adults were finally back in the White House?

Yeah about that … we’ll take the childish president who was growing our economy and jobs any day.

This is atrocious.

194k jobs added.

When they expected 500k.

This is so bad, you guys.

From ABC News:

Hiring in the U.S. fell far below expectations last month, with employers adding just 194,000 jobs versus the expected 500,000, the Department of Labor said Friday.

The unemployment rate dipped slightly to 4.8%, the DOL added, but the latest hiring data comes after dismal job growth seen in August as well. Some 366,000 jobs were added in August, according to revised data released on Friday, and over a million jobs were added in July.

The more-contagious delta variant’s impact on the recovery is likely reflected in the disappointing figures, as the labor market still finds itself at the mercy of the virus. The unemployment rate still remains elevated compared to the pre-pandemic 3.5% seen in February 2020.


That sums up Biden’s America perfectly.

We suppose no one ever accused Biden of being a job creator. Ahem.



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