This tweet right here from Josh Marshall illustrates perfectly how a brain-dead zombie who thinks he’s still a senator from Delaware got elected last year. These people weren’t voting FOR anyone, they were just voting against Trump. Which is honestly really sad and a complete reflection of how little they actually care about this country and our future.

Their hatred for one man (who, incidentally did a decent job whether you liked the guy or not) could be the downfall of our country.

But hey, at least Josh Marshall can take joy in Trump losing. SURE, inflation is through the roof, med prices are on the rise, gas is ridiculous, COVID cases are still increasing across the country, and the Taliban is in charge of Afghanistan while our southern border is overrun by thousands and thousands of illegal immigrant BUT at least Josh has personal joy in a man losing an election.


Way to go, Josh. Really. Aces.

Maybe both?

Thanks for reminding us how much cheaper everything was 326 days ago, jacka*s.


Bad ones.

In fact, eat two.



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