Pay your taxes, Joe.

We’ve said it once we’ve said it a billion, bazillion, eleventy trillion times – Democrats always accuse other people of doing exactly what THEY’RE doing. For example, Sleepy Joe has been babbling nonstop about how the wealthiest do not pay their fair share, even going so far as to say there are hundreds of billions of dollars in back taxes not being paid.

Sounds like he’d know?

From Fox News:

President Biden may have improperly avoided paying Medicare taxes before he took office and could owe the IRS up to $500,000, according to a Congressional Research Service report.


And about that bill he wants to push through?

A draft of the bill includes a provision that would close loopholes similar to the one Biden used, though the report indicates that Biden would still owe taxes under the current rules, as well.

The report does not name the president, but it analyzes cases where the IRS won a judgment against taxpayers who improperly exploited the S corporations to avoid the Medicare tax.

But when the Bidens released their tax returns during his presidential campaign, they showed that the couple saved up to $500,000 by avoiding the 3.8% self-employment tax with the S corporations.

Guess he better pay up.

Maybe? LOL

Or Alyssa Milano’s.

Stay tuned.



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