Gosh, it seems the angry little gnome who was fine shutting down our economy, taking paychecks from MILLIONS of Americans, and forcing masks on our children does not want the government to shut down. We’re shocked.

Fauci says a ‘pandemic’ is the worst time for the government to shut down.

Raise your hand if you don’t care what Fauci says anymore:

From The Hill:

Anthony Fauci says the “the worst time” for a government shutdown is in the middle of a pandemic, a warning that comes as Congress is barreling toward a financial impasse that could close down the government.

“I think it’s so obvious to anybody who’s looking at the situation,” the nation’s leading infectious diseases expert said in an interview with The Washington Post’s The Early 202. “The worst time in the world we want to shut down the government is in the middle of a pandemic where we have 140,000 people a day getting infected and 2,000 people a day dying. That’s the time when you want the government working full blast to address this.”

Fauci said that a shutdown would have a “profound effect,” adding it “should be avoided, if at all possible.”

You know what else has a ‘profound effect,’ jacka*s? SHUTTING DOWN OUR FREAKIN’ COUNTRY.

But Fauci needs his paycheck! Don’t shut him down! *eye roll*


Ugh, the guy just sucks.

Yup. Again.

The ONE THING Trump didn’t do that he should have.

Shutdowns for thee but not for me?



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