Boy oh boy, schools in Norther Virginia are a mess … which isn’t surprising since they’ve so willingly ushered in destructive, progressive policies that always do far more damage than good.

These same people don’t want Dr. Seuss in their libraries but books on porn and pedophilia? No problem.

And brave mom, Stacy Langton, has had ENOUGH:

Fairfax is a progressive pit.

And they bolt.

How brave and stunning.

The only way this stops is if Virginia changes leadership at the TOP. Even in true blue Norther Virginia, they have to be weary of this sort of nonsense, not to mention masking in schools, forced vaccination, a year lost because of the teacher’s unions.

When do we start holding these people accountable for not putting our kids FIRST?!

Ran away.

Cut her mic.

This is how they always treat parents …

It’s pretty bad.

Don’t you love it when our betters lecture us about civility?

Good times.

Of course he ignores parents.

Which is why it’s time for parents to start changing things in Virginia.

Past time.



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