Oh, good, Republican strategists are tearing leading Republicans up again because THAT has worked out so well for the Right in the past. Sure, Liz Mair, write some hot take hit piece on DeSantis for the New York Times so you can pretend you’re still important, that your opinions still matter … to other political consultants.

And the media.

Christina Pushaw lit her up as only she can:

Republican strategists want candidates like W. or Jeb or McCain or Romney. Pretty, polished politicians who say stuff that appeals to moderates, who rarely if ever get elected though. Considering how badly they treated Trump we sort of expected this sort of finger-wagging, nagging, nonsense around DeSantis as well because he is like Trump but polished.

No mean tweets.

Pushaw continued:

They’re written for attention and relevance.

‘Hey, look at me! I still matter! Wheeeeee!’

DeSantis BAD. *eye roll*

To SHAPE public opinion.

And they’re already coming for DeSantis?

Imagine if they’d spend some time going after Biden instead.



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