Wow, AOC. If we thought her ‘Tax the Rich’ dress was bad before, this tidbit about the gal who designed the silly dress makes it even worse.

You’d think someone as smart as AOC would do her due diligence when picking a designer …


HA ha.


Sorry, we crack ourselves up sometimes.

From Mediaite:

Proving irony never goes out of style, Aurora James, the designer of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’ (D-NY) viral “Tax the Rich” Met Gala gown, is a tax deadbeat herself, according to a report by the New York Post.

James is “a notorious tax deadbeat with unpaid debts dogging her in multiple states,” reported the Post, digging up records that show six IRS tax liens totaling $103,220 on the parent company of her fashion brand, three open tax warrants in New York State for failing to withhold $14,798 in income taxes from employee paychecks (plus twelve other since-resolved NY tax warrants), and a $17,000 fine for failing to carry worker’s compensation insurance.

She’s also a rent deadbeat, the Post claims, describing an eviction action by James’ previous landlord — along with a demand for more than $25,000 plus interest for staying beyond her lease. The case was settled for an undisclosed amount.

Back taxes, a squatter, and runs a sweatshop of interns.


So the evil rich HAVE a face and the face belongs to the woman who designed AOC’s dress.

Oh, the irony.


She sure hangs out with a lot of evil rich people.

We had the same basic reaction, yup.


Gotta protect her rich squatting pals and stuff.



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