We probably shouldn’t laugh at this thread because far too many people have lost their ever-loving minds and see COVID as some sort of religion or faith but man, we just died reading this thread.

Not from COVID though.

Just wanted to clear that up because we know how these things go and we can see the headline now, ‘Twitchy editor mocking COVID faithful croaks and she deserved it because ARGLE BARLGE RAR.’

Ok, already way off-topic, read the thread:

Wait, we were promised there would be no math.

Because moving those goalposts isn’t scary or anything.


At least you died NOT being a nutjob.

Yeah, that’s helpful.



YOU’RE LITERALLY KILLING GRANMDA and should lose your job, your home, and your life should be made more difficult.

Thanks, Sleepy Joe.


More true than we realized.



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