Joe Walsh is just so tired you guys.


He’s thinking about calling it quits because his former base in the GOP just won’t take his little musket and truth seriously. Or something.

We thought this guy was insufferable when he was a Trump supporter, but his new con of ‘sensitive former GOP guy who just wants to make the world a better place so please support him Lefties’ is far worse. Although to be fair, they are buying it line, hook, and sinker.


Joe, bro, literally nobody cares.

Go ahead.


The line about his little musket is just pathetic.

Yup, still rolling our eyes and we read this nonsense last night.

Your mom dresses you funny and you smell bad.



We get the feeling that Joe was looking for some tweets begging him to PLEASE STAY OMG WE NEED YOU and yeah, it didn’t go that way. Sure, there are a few tweets telling him they need him in this fight but for the most part they look like this.

Poor baby.

Yeah, we laughed.

No one.

Don’t let the door hit ya’ on the a*s o your way out, Joe.



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