Welp, the media and Lefties (we know, same difference) were TOTALLY let down yesterday when their hopes for another ‘deadly insurrection’ didn’t come to fruition. Yes. January 6 was so horrible and scary that they were hoping for a part two.

*they suck*

Anywho, Ari Fleischer noticed something very telling about the coverage our pals in the media gave to the fizzled out FOLLOW-UP INSURRECTION REEEE instead of covering Biden’s crisis at the border:

Because that’s how bias works.

NOT TRUE, shrieked Jim Sciutto:


He said, ‘Fact is …’

We should totally believe him.

Except we just don’t.

And c’mon, the high security kept people from showing up? HA HA HA HA HA HA HA

He really did.

We did go looking for Jim’s tweets on the border crisis … and we found this:


Indeed they did.

And that’s probably why Jim is really mad.



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