Guess getting a beatdown from Nicki Minaj broke joyless Joy Reid even more.

What sort of loathsome, evil, ugly, nasty, heartless hack would say something so awful about their fellow human beings?

Oh, that’s right, Joy is that sort of loathsome person.

Watch this:


We get it, she’s on MSNBC and all they really do is troll people they hate, but this is bad even for Joy. Then again, this is the same broad who claimed homophobic time-traveling hackers wrote a bunch of hateful, homophobic content on her blog so maybe this is just who she really is.

A hater.

Words matter.

But Joy doesn’t care.

Unless someone is saying mean words about HER … like Nicki Minaj. That was really spectacular, right?

Have a thirst for COVID.

Like attending funerals.

Don’t like being alive.

What a hag.

This is what hatred looks like.


She needs Jesus.

Yeah, she’s a phony and a hater.

Perfect for MSNBC.

She is indeed.



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