Democratic Virginia governor wannabe (we won’t call him sloppy seconds since he was already governor once and didn’t do a great job THEN because that would be rude, ahem) Terry McAuliffe didn’t like it when a Virginia sheriff DARED ask him about whether or not he supported defunding the police. Hey, it’s a fair question considering a group that absolutely supports defunding the police has endorsed him.

Terry just lost it.

And no, we’re not being dramatic.

Watch this:

Who the Hell does Terry think he is to talk to a sheriff this way?

And his refusing to answer the simple question tells us EVERYTHING.

He does support defunding the police.

He desperately needs progressives in Virginia to believe that so they vote for him because he’s tied with the Republican candidate, Genn Youngkin. Heck, some polls have Glenn LEADING HIM.

No wonder he flipped out.


Oopsie again.

Now you know why he didn’t have the courage to tell that Virginia sheriff he does support defunding them all.

Wilder was the first Black governor of Virginia.

He is also a Democrat.

He acts a lot like his Clinton keepers.

Time for Virginia to give Republicans a chance.


Baby killers and cop haters.

Great endorsements, Terry.



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