Starting to think the Constitution is the Left’s kryptonite.

Ok, so that’s not true, we’ve known it’s their kryptonite for quite a long time BUT this thread Brit Hume shared explaining WHY it’s their kryptonite and taking one of their favorite talking points about ‘general welfare’ really drives it home.

Definitely worth a read:

This this this!

Keep going.

Hey, we’re going to force everyone to get a vaccine because it promotes the general welfare.

Hey, we’re going to force your kids to cover their faces at school because it promotes the general welfare.

Hey, we’re going to take a third of EVERYTHING YOU MAKE because it promotes the general welfare.

See what we mean?

Man, those guys who wrote the Constitution were pretty damn smart, right?

Gosh, they always leave the details out.

Yeah, we know. The people who really need to read this thread won’t bother BUT man, it kicks so much a*s. And you know, the next time you’re debating someone who needs to understand what ‘promoting the general welfare’ actually means, you can always send them the thread.

Or your know, get them a copy of the Constitution.

Just sayin’.



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