A general reassuring Communist China he would let them know if America was going to take action against them seems like a pretty cut-and-dry bad thing, ya’ know? Then again, we’re dealing with a media and a political pundit class that love to make excuses for anyone and everyone who hated Trump as much as they STILL do.

Take a gander at the report:

From The Daily Caller:

An AR-15-6 investigation is the Army’s primary tool for gathering information in a variety of situations. A 15-6 investigation can be established to look into any situation a commander deems necessary and in the best interest of the military.

“We are gravely concerned with General (GEN) Mark Milley’s ability to exercise his duties and responsibilities as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. In this recent case, our specific concerns involve reports from 14 September 2021, which indicate that GEN Milley blatantly disregarded the concept of civilian control of the military, and gave aid and comfort to America’s principal adversary, the Chinese Communist Party,” the lawmakers wrote in the letter. “We request a formal AR 15-6 Investigation commence immediately with regard to these allegations.”



Time to start cleaning house before it’s too late.

No matter how many stars are on your shoulders, you’re never above your oath to support and defend the Constitution.

Bin and go.

Sadly, this has been the reality for a long, long time.



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