Don Lemon, always keepin’ it classy.

We will always remember him as the douchebag who sat on the air with Rick Wilson and that other guy who nobody can ever remember (Wajahat Ali), giggling about how stupid people who live in the middle of the country are. And now he wants to make sure people who are unvaccinated for whatever reason are shunned.



Good to see he’s letting his true inner FASCIST out.


What a toad.

Sorry, not sorry.

No offense to toads out there.

There’s a reason.

Of course they create hate and division. It’s their bread and butter. Without Trump to scream about 24/7, CNN is slowly fading away, so this is Don’s attempt at playing the Trump card and HOPING beyond hope to get attention for being a complete and total jacka*s. We suppose some attention, even if it’s bad, is better than no attention.

That he does.

The mainstream media’s ratings are in the toilet. Actually, that’s not fair.

To toilets.

Their ratings are worse than in the toilet and these bizarre attacks from Reid and Lemon are really nothing more than desperate attempts at creating relevance.

Sad, ain’t it?



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