What sort of scum joyously tweets about people losing their ability to choose what they will put into their bodies because the government will pressure their bosses to punish them if they don’t do as they’re told?

David Frum, he’s that sort of scum.

He took the time to write an entire thread about people giving up their rights and choices … and mocked civil disobedience while doing so.

Yeah, he sucks.

We wonder if being a complete d*ckhead comes to David naturally or if he has to work at it?

Such glee with government overreach.

Did this guy really use to lean right? Hard to imagine he could go this wrong this quickly …


He does this over and over and over again:

Look at you little peons, the government WILL CRUSH YOU.

And celebrating people pushing government authority?


Pretty sure David is completely missing the point.

As usual.


Man, we wish his name was Richard.

Utter and complete tool.


Frum would have to know what shame is to understand that and clearly, he doesn’t.



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