It is more obvious now than ever, the media is just a propaganda arm for the Biden administration.

Sorry, not sorry.

We literally saw CNN admit they are manipulating numbers in the ‘new way they’re polling’ to make it look like Biden’s numbers aren’t as bad as they really are.

Luckily, most Americans know better but JUST in case, Glenn Greenwald did an exceptional job in reminding the masses what the media has done and continues to do to protect Biden from a ‘bad news cycle.’

We thought it was especially ‘fishy’ when they refused to name the super bad terrorist they killed.

Remarkable intelligence.


What a bunch of toads they are.

Color us shocked that Charlie cared more about pushing his own agenda and politics than he did about telling the story.

Sadly, this is what we see more and more from the mainstream media.

And we thought it was bad under Trump.



If they won’t release the names you have to wonder who the Hell they killed.

And now we know it was an innocent family.

Oh yeah, the vaccine mandate is the biggest most obnoxious LOOK A SQUIRREL move yet.



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