Ellen Barkin HAD to know this wouldn’t go over well.


Or maybe the aging, forgotten, has-been, K-List actress was so desperate for any sort of attention or relevance she just didn’t care.

That and she probably thinks only straight white men are pro-life or something.

It’s not even all that original, really. ‘OOOH, WHITE MAN BAD.’


Would someone please tell Old Lady Barkin that the patriarchy whining is sooooo 2017?

Apparently, in Twitter’s opinion, wanting large groups of people you disagree with ‘to expire’ makes someone notable enough for the blue check.

Notability is a thing now, you know.

She wasn’t thinking about anything other than tweeting something that MIGHT get her a little bit of attention.

Sad, ain’t it?

That much hate must be eating her up from the inside out.

And she looks it.



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