Like many other brain-dead influencers on the Left, Shannon Watts totally fell for the FAKE Rolling Stone story about a bunch of rednecks overdosing on horse dewormer and keeping a bunch of other rednecks from being seen at the hospital for gunshot wounds.

Now, you know this story appealed to Shannon on two levels: 1) She could mock flyover country for their gun rights and 2) She could laugh at those stupid hicks not following the science.

Which makes the fact that she and others fell for this nonsense even funnier.

Seems us ‘right-wing extremists’ who called them all out for pushing the fake story are to blame … or something.

Let us know when that outlet has millions of followers like say, Rachel Maddow, Shannon.

It’s not just left versus right, it’s that the media ALWAYS does this, especially if the story can be used to vilify and objectify the right. You KNOW Rolling Stone got a chubby when they thought about writing this story about a bunch of podunk Trump supporters in OK who didn’t get vaccinated and OD’d on horse medicine.

It fits their narrative, which is probably why they didn’t bother to call the hospital.

Who knew?

See?! It’s not HER fault!

We certainly spend a lot of time laughing at her.

Shannon is gonna Shannon but C’MON.



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