Gosh, who’da thought they couldn’t trust Rolling Stone magazine. Oh, wait. LOL

As Twitchy readers know, Rolling Stone magazine published a now completely debunked story about an Oklahoma hospital being SO OVERWHELMED with patients who had overdosed on ‘horse dewormer meds’ that gunshot victims were having to wait for beds.

Now, you’d think they would actually consider reaching out to the hospital before running with such a stupid story, but we imagine they were so tempted by the idea of writing about some dumb rednecks in flyover country that they couldn’t help themselves.

And have once again damaged their already crap reputation.

Drew Holden did our job for us (thanks Drew!) and pulled a ton of tweets and screenshots from Lefties and the mainstream media actually pushing this ridiculous story:

And nobody thought to fact-check anything.

How pathetic is this?

It fits her NARRATIVE.

She couldn’t care less if the story passed a sniff test.

You guys remember Brian – he was the guy who told wounded warrior Joey Jones to go serve in Afghanistan.

He did apologize but seemed he didn’t learn anything from it.

But that’s the only news they have unless they want to start getting honest about the disaster Biden really is.

Maybe a single phone call.


And Shannon is usually so concerned with honesty and truth.

We are so kidding.

Holy crap.

Jon has most of Twitter blocked so only the same sort of loser troglodytes can read his crap tweets anyway.

The Onion can’t compete with Kurt Eichenwald either, but here we are.

She claims it’s the right-wing’s fault they all fell for the story.

No, we’re not kidding.

They spend so much time being wrong, you’d think eventually they’d start questioning their ability to choose which stories to even cover.

Blaming the Republican Party.

Buncha dbags.

They care more about scoring cheap dunks on their opponents than getting the truth.

Boo and yah.

This. ^



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