Oooh, look at Rep. Adam Kinzinger pretending to be a Republican now.

Guess he figured out his new pals on the Left are going to redistrict him out of a job …

Too little too late, Sparky.

Watching Adam shake his fist at Biden’s State Dept. knowing he all but enabled this didn’t exactly go over well on the Twittersphere.

Like, at all.

His new buddies just stranded up to 1000 Americans in Afghanistan, lied about the number, and clearly have no desire to to anything at all about making sure they get home.

Guess Adam couldn’t deal with the truth about who he really is and his new ‘tribe’:

Awww, Adam doesn’t like being lumped in with his new pals.

And he TOTALLY picked a tribe, lol. He just chose poorly and CAN’T DEAL.

True. Fusilli is far from the ‘tribe’ type. But Adam only sees one tribe against another because he’s in a tribe.


And double and triple ouch.



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