You’d think someone studying misinformation would be able to spot a FAKE story but we digress.

The pretzels these folks are folding and twisting themselves into in order to pretend they didn’t take the bait on the fake Rolling Stone story about a bunch of rednecks supposedly overdosing on horse meds and keeping other rednecks who were shot from receiving medical care are impressive. They’d be better off admitting they SO BADLY wanted it to be true that they didn’t even bother second-guessing or fact-checking it.

A dunk is a dunk you know?

This theory though, that right-wing media, QAnon, and conspiracy theory sites are somehow ‘stoking the outrage’ and are to blame for the misinformation is … special.

Hey, look! She included us! And that’s even this editor’s story.

She cares!


Because you know, Twitchy is well-known for being QAnon and stuff. Yeah, that’s us.

Yes, we are the same people pushing the big lie … ROFL.

Holy crap.

You know, maybe if ‘Caroline’ spent a little more time reading our sites instead of relying on lazy, boring, and silly stereotypes and caricatures she might not only figure out this is wrong, but maybe learn a thing or two. Instead of being angry at Rolling Stone, she is oddly angry at the Right.

Quoting herself as some sort of expert here is nihilism at its finest.

Just saying.

Again, if she’d spend a little time talking to people who disagree with her she’d know better.

‘They don’t care about facts at all’, says the person railing against the Right for no other reason than to blame them because she fell for a fake story.

Holy crap.

We don’t even know where to start with this tweet so we’ll just not … and say we did.

The irony of her pretending it’s the Right who supports conspiracies as she write an entire thread filled with them.

Don’t worry, she’ll just blame the Right when no one takes her seriously.

Seems pretty simple, right?



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