Remember when the White House admitted they were working with Facebook to control the flow of misinformation? AKA they were censoring content from the Big Tech giant they didn’t want to be shared or promoted …

Gotta wonder if they had anything to do with this:

Whether or not you agree with what Shana wrote, she has every right to be angry, to be FURIOUS, and to share her pain and anger. You’d think the a-holes at FB (who own Instagram as well) would cut her a little slack considering her son was just killed due to Biden’s failed leadership in Afghanistan.

But nope.

Americans must never forget what we’re seeing happen in this country right now. We’ve gotten far too complacent and lazy when it comes to pushing back.

Are we surprised they banned this Gold Star mom?

Unfortunately, not really.

After all, they waste a lot of time fact-checking memes and suspending people for disagreeing with the ‘accepted’ narrative.



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