Nothing inspires someone who is unvaccinated to vaccinate like trying to scare them into it. *eye roll*


From Newsweek:

If you chose not to get the vaccine, it’s time for you to let your doctors know what ending well looks like for you.

For some of you, COVID-19 will be the deadliest virus you will face in your life. If you are holding off on getting vaccinated, there is one important thing that you should consider doing: complete an advance directive—a document explaining how you want medical decisions about you to be made if you cannot speak for yourself.

We are all entitled to choices. If you’re not interested in vaccination to protect yourself from an infection—or to protect immunocompromised people, older adults and children who have not yet had the chance to receive a vaccine—then please take time to ponder your wishes should you become hospitalized.

As healthcare workers, we aim to support people in living happy, healthy, meaningful lives. Regardless of your vaccination status, we will treat you. We took an oath to heal our patients and relieve suffering any way possible, but we want to do so in a manner that is dignified.

We don’t even know where to begin with how awful and ugly this crap is.



Just stop.



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