It’s not Biden’s fault for sucking in Afghanistan, it’s that his critics are getting it wrong … or something.

The sort of mental gymnastics Biden’s true lapdogs are going through to protect the worst president in the history of this country is impressive, and not in a good way.

From USA Today:

The intellectual dishonesty in critiques of how President Joe Biden is handling the U.S. departure from Afghanistan has been off the charts. That’s not to say some of them are not warranted. They certainly are. The swift fall of Kabul to the Taliban was predictable, and there is a case that we should have been better prepared for it. And there is no doubt that the risks we faced were great, as shown by the Kabul airport attack last week that claimed the lives of at least 169 Afghans and 13 U.S. troops.

The irony of this POS article accusing others of intellectual dishonesty.

‘The scandal of the administration’s colossal incompetence.’

Remember when they bragged about how Obama’s terms were scandal-free?


Glenn wouldn’t know a real fact-check if one fell out of the sky, landed on his face, and started to wiggle.


And correct.

Accurate as well.



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