It’s never a good idea when we write about Jennifer Rubin more than once in a day. Gonna guess watching the guy she pushed and voted for destroying the Middle East while leaving thousands of Americans to likely be tortured and killed is making her a teensy bit defensive.

Or is that deflective.

Cute of her to blame Republicans in all of this, eh?


From WaPo:

Republicans have latched on to a series of both foreign and domestic policies that will set the stage for their 2022 campaigns. Weirdly, their positions turn out to be starkly at odds with a majority of voters.

On foreign policy, some Republicans, in search of a way to deflect blame from their cult leader who cut a surrender agreement with the Taliban and drew down troops to 2,500, would now have voters believe it was all a ruse. Sure, they argue, Donald Trump ran on ending the war, but that was a lie. This is their excuse? That he was going to continue the forever war he ran against?

It seems Republicans are returning to the position that we should never leave Afghanistan, one at odds with most Americans. Even more striking, Republicans are already beating the drum to limit the entry of Afghan allies, which 80 percent of Americans disagree with. The GOP message boils down to: Stay forever, and if not, don’t take Afghans with us. Most voters want out and want to take as many Afghan allies as possible. In fact, they think the Biden team is not doing enough to evacuate Afghans.

She is literally fighting an argument nobody is making.

Thinking she should just STOP already.

Short. Sweet. Simple.

And likely true.



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