There are really no words to adequately describe the sh*tshow that is taking place on Biden’s watch in Afghanistan. Brit Hume was tweeting about the very things we’re seeing this morning two days ago … almost like he knows what he’s talking about.

If only Biden and his team could figure it out.

Key point here (that is sadly being proven over and over again), ‘They are being blocked from leaving and there’s no evidence the US can or will do anything about that.’

With the explosion this morning, his tweet is even more relevant.

And the yahoo trolling him even more annoying:

Wow, the mental gymnastics in this tweet are impressive. Anything to blame Trump, right? The guy hasn’t been president for over seven months and they’re STILL trying to find a way to scream ‘orange man bad.’

That can’t be healthy.

Brit came back with the perfect response (as usual):

What Brit said.


SO much bam in fact that it became a boom and then circled back to a bam.

Yup, that’s been their main talking point. Trump, who they claim is a total buffoon, somehow managed to set a huge booby trap for Biden.


Biden’s legacy.



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