Anything to pretend this is STILL not Biden’s fault.


From Mediaite:

Brian Williams asked Carville about the potential impact of Afghanistan on the 2022 midterms.

Carville started by saying, “There’s no elegant way to lose a war. We lost this war 15 years ago, all Joe Biden’s is just telling us what time it is.”

“And the hysterical and stupid coverage of the mainstream press has been awful,” he added.

Carville argued the evacuations have been “going much better than a lot of people expected,” while adding, “there’s no good way to lose a war.”

“It looks bad. The country looks bad. When you lose a war, you don’t look good. This war was lost a long time ago. Joe Biden had nothing to do with it. He wanted us out before that.”

Biden had nothing to do with it.

Alrighty then.

OMG, if we don’t laugh we’ll never stop throwing up.

But you know, if the media would just stop covering it so much it wouldn’t be so bad.

Man, we’d hope so.

But it’s not Biden’s fault!




They both are.



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