Man oh man, some people on the Left are working overtime to pretend none of this Afghanistan mess is Biden’s fault. We realize they have spent many years blaming Trump for any and everything wrong in the WORLD, but pretending Biden was powerless or had to do this or was just following along is a stretch even for those stretchy mo-fos.

Planning to remove our troops from Afghanistan is one thing. Doing it in such a sloppy way that the Taliban has already taken over the country? That’s very different.

And even the Biden automatons have to know that.

We hate to break it to them (ok, not really), but Biden was talking about leaving Afghanistan when he was still our crappy Vice President.

As we said above, womp womp woooooomp.

Those old tweets can be a real pain in the backside, eh Joe?

So unreal the other person deleted their tweet.

Welcome to 2021.

Don’t forget to tip your waitress.



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