Don’t worry, FOLKS. Biden and Harris are hard at work meeting with their national security team on Afghanistan.

See, the White House posted a picture to prove it, even:

Look at how thoughtful Biden is. Super worried and contemplating what to do to help the Afghans.


Tweeps were definitely having a lot of fun with Biden and Harris’ photo-op but a few others noticed something disconcerting about the picture.

Take a look.


Does this mean this is an older picture?

In other words, NOT Biden and Harris meeting with their national security team on Afghanistan.


Keep going.

Oh yeah, that’s a big one too.

Way to go, exposing CIA and other assets’ locations.


What a train wreck.


Huh, why would the White House ‘doctor’ a pic like this?

Kidding, we know damn well why they’d do it.

Where the Hell is Biden?



Savannah Guthrie DESTROYS Ntl. Security Advisor Jake Sullivan for downplaying Saigon-esque helicopter shots out of #Afghanistan (watch)

Biden’s SAIGON –> Afghans DESPERATE to escape #Kabul cling to the OUTSIDE of C-17, tragically fall to their death (watch)

Because OF COURSE: Kamala Harris played a KEY ROLE in Biden’s Afghanistan withdrawal decision so ALL is well (HA HA HA HA HA)