First Jake Tapper went after Blinken and now Savannah Guthrie going after Biden’s National Security Advisor, Jake Sullivan. What’s going on here, media? lol

She even broke out Biden’s presser from early July where he basically got EVERYTHING wrong about Afghanistan.

Right? Hey, we’re as shocked as you are.


THAT’S his excuse? They’ve been using helicopters for 20 years … really Jake.



To be fair, his response and the entire Biden administration are a joke.

We are always shocked to see a member of the mainstream media actually do their job.

Sad, we know.




What you’d expect from the Obama administration. Oops, sorry, the Biden administration.

This is an insult to clown shows everywhere.

We were too.

Crazy stuff. Heh.



Biden’s SAIGON –> Afghans DESPERATE to escape #Kabul cling to the OUTSIDE of C-17, tragically fall to their death (watch)

Because OF COURSE: Kamala Harris played a KEY ROLE in Biden’s Afghanistan withdrawal decision so ALL is well (HA HA HA HA HA)

‘Spin it if you like, BUT …’ Charles C.W. Cooke DROPS anyone and everyone DESPERATELY trying to defend Biden from his Afghanistan debacle