You know it’s really bad for Biden on Afghanistan when Jake Tapper and CNN are going after Secretary of State Blinken. Granted, there are plenty of other media friendlies and Lefties trying to claim this is Trump’s fault (as usual) or that Biden didn’t mean everything he said on July 8 or that we misheard him but Charles C.W. Cooke has the receipts.

All of them.

Take a gander:

Gosh, when you see it like that in black and white.

Sorry, navy and white.

Oh, and notice our use of the word ‘debacle’ in the headline. By definition, a debacle is a sudden and ignominious failure.

That works, right?

Fifty years of failing.

And people still voted for this guy.

He could be subtweeting the entire media and Left with this tweet.

Biden couldn’t have done a worse job if he had actively tried.

But let’s not give him any ideas.



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