Yeah, this just keeps getting better and better.

And by better and better we mean unbelievably worse and WORSE.

But hey, good news. Taliban claims they will respect women’s rights as long as they do what they tell them and wear a hijab.

What a bunch of sweeties.

From Jihad Watch:

A spokesperson for the Taliban has promised that Afghan women will not be deprived of work opportunities or education when the militant group comes to power, on condition that they remain veiled in public.

Suhail Shaheen told the BBC on Sunday that the group, which subscribes to Sharia law, would respect the rights of women. Under the new government that is being formed, women will be allowed to leave home alone, work, and have access to education, so long as they wear hijabs, Shaheen explained. He insisted that women had nothing to fear from the Taliban and that the group would protect their honor.

So they respect their rights EXCEPT for that whole actually being seen thing.


Dark times ahead, dear reader.

This. ^

As long as we can’t see their faces they’re free to live their lives.


Come to think of it, we’ve heard more from the Taliban than our own president. Scary times.



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