You know the face you make when you’re starting to wonder if someone is so ridiculous that maybe they fell down and whacked their empty little heads on the pavement? Yup, just made that face:

Jennifer. Really?

From the Washington Post:

The first race and ethnicity breakdowns from the 2020 Census, released Thursday, show a more diverse population than ever in the nation’s history.

The report marks the first time the absolute number of people who identify as White alone has shrunk since a census started being taken in 1790. The number of people identifying as non-Hispanic White and no other race dropped by 5.1 million people, to 191.7 million, a decrease of 2.6 percent.

The country also passed two more milestones on its way to becoming a majority-minority society in the coming decades: For the first time, the portion of White people dipped below 60 percent, slipping from 63.7 percent in 2010 to 57.8 percent in 2020. And the under-18 population is now majority people of color, at 52.7 percent.

The new data shows how the ethnic, racial and voting-age makeup of neighborhoods shifted over the past decade, based on the national house-to-house canvass last year. It is the data most state legislatures and local governments use to redraw political districts for the next 10 years.

We can’t help but wonder if this Census data is a teensy bit skewed since we know for a fact many people refused to fill it out. Remember how many ads they ran to convince us all to fill out the paperwork while they had us locked down in our homes?

Good times.


Huh. Good point.

We’ll look forward to that.


Sorry, but we were told there would be no math.



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