Sure, Biden got 81 million votes. *eye roll*

Funny, Jenn P-sucky has been working really hard to get us to believe inflation isn’t through the roof, that it’s not that bad, or that hey, it is that bad but it’s a good thing. Seems that entire narrative and message campaign has failed.

This is a huge number of people to agree in a poll:



From the New York Post:

The vast majority of Americans say surging grocery and household goods prices are causing them financial hardship and nearly 80 percent blame the Biden administration’s economic policies, a new poll says.

About 70 percent of Americans say the national economy is in bad shape, and the majority — 86 percent — are concerned about inflation, according to the Fox News poll released Wednesday.

And double wow, 70% think the national economy is in bad shape.

Guess that’s what happens when you ‘elect’ a guy who’s been in politicis for nearly five decades and has nothing to show for it but some horrible crime bill that painted young minority men as predators.

But hey, no mean tweets, right?

Seems pretty simple, LOL.

Also a fair point.

Yeah, it’s really starting to feel like Biden is not great at his job.

Just sayin’.



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