Boy oh boy, the Left sure wants everyone to ignore how freakin’ dangerous and violent THEY are … and they do that by projecting their violence on the Right. Yup. They’ve been doing this since before even Obama, pretending conservatives are dangerous while openly rejoicing when someone they politically disagree with dies.

Or, you know, by actually committing violent acts.

This thread from Twitter user @ian_mckelvey does a far better job of going into this than we can. Take a look:


The Right thinks the Left are people with bad ideas.

The Left thinks the Right are just bad people.


They cheered.

As usual.

Awww yes, their whole, ‘Punch a Nazi,’ phase, which basically meant punching anyone they disagreed with. They acted sort of like … Nazis.

Asking for it and stuff?

It was a Bernie Sanders supporter who literally opened fire on a baseball field of Republicans, almost killing a senator, but yeah, the Right is violent.

So conservative.

Swalwell is exceptionally moronic even for a Democrat, so you KNOW that’s bad.

Right? Our founding fathers were totally into the federal government nuking its citizens if they didn’t go along with their ideas.


There does seem to be an abundance of these stories.


Good ol’ Steve Cox.


And curtain.



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