Welp, it’s clear The Lincoln Project is floundering without the big bad orange man to rant about all day. Oh, they keep trying to attack other Republicans, but it just doesn’t stick like it did with Trump because deep down even the Left knows these people are in it for the grift.

Seriously with this ad, you guys?

Honestly, we couldn’t watch it to the end … they’re exploiting kids to own DeSantis and Abbott which makes them far worse than either governor.

So beyond the fact that the ad is just a hateful crap-filled dumpster of awful, it’s factually a mess.

AKA wrong.

AKA fear-porn.

AKA right up Rick Wilson and Steve Schmidt’s alleys.

Enter Phil Kerpen:

What he said.

Always check the data, troglodytes.



But that’s been their M-O for nearly five years now. They don’t care who they use or hurt as long as their narrative gets pushed and their power remains.

We’re seeing this now more than ever …



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