COVID is making people on the Left show even more of their TRUE colors and boy howdy, it ain’t pretty.

We were pretty sure Joy Reid was a nasty, homophobic bigot from her own personal blog (which she still claims was hacked by time-traveling hackers), but this segment with Biden’s Education Secretary Miguel Cardona is just absolutely gross.


Who are these people?

Yes, we’re being facetious.

We know EXACTLY who they are.

Yes, it’s all a plot. Conservatives want to infect public schools with COVID (by using their own children) because … they’re evil? Want to destroy public education? ARE YOU BOTH HIGH RIGHT NOW? And we hate to break it to ol’ joyless Joy, but it’s not conservatives who are rejecting the vaccine.

It’s minority communities.

It’s people listening to Louis Farrakhan telling them the vaccine is poison.

But sure, go ahead with this sh*tty conspiracy theory.

It’s not about the kids.

It’s about politics.

And division.

And power.

Which is what it’s always been about.



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