Schools and school boards better wake up and pay attention. Just sayin’.

Especially the toads on the Loudoun County School Board in Loudoun County, VA. Yeah, you’ve heard about this group because they were among the first to vilify Dr. Seuss and have consistently ignored and mistreated parents in their communities. Remember the story about school board members building a hit list?


This county.

And WOW, this thread about fighting back as parents? OH HELL YEAH.

It certainly feels this way, especially in crap-hole states like Virginia where Democrats enable and empower government overreach and disregard the individual.


Fight back.

Speak up.


They aren’t afraid of us.


We need to remind them who is actually in charge.

We’re already facing peril.

Time to fight back.

And why should conservatives keep giving up on public school?! WHEN DO WE PUSH BACK and take some ownership in our schools?! IT’S TIME!

Start disobeying.

We like that.

We’re mad.

We’re not being nice.

Pack every meeting.


Hey, Obama said so.

If that doesn’t make you want to charge through a brick wall yelling FREEEEEEEEEEDOM we don’t know what will.



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