If we have learned anything about being on Twitter, it’s that people with those fancy blue checkmarks (especially on the left) will say really stupid stuff thinking it’s a good idea at the time only to delete tweets later … almost as if they want us to write about them.

Maybe deep down that’s their thing, they love getting mocked on Twitchy.

Yeah, that’s it.

For example, these tweets from Matt Yglesias are a real train wreck (honestly, we can see why he deleted them but still):

Conservatives bullied people out of vaccine passports?



And what summer 2020 debates? We weren’t the ones tearing down statues and rioting in the streets during a pandemic.


So owned.

But wait, there’s more:

Voluntarily get the shot and they’ll pay you $50 if you do it in the next x weeks.

If not, you will be held down and vaccinated for $0.


Fascist much, Matty?


That you don’t.



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