Sad, confused, annoying Maxine Waters.

Been a while since we last wrote about her.

We suppose since she has no riots to inflame she’s been laying low … and c’mon, pretending it was the CDC’s job to extend the eviction moratorium? Really?

She doesn’t buy it.


Too bad it’s reality.

You’d think an elected official would KNOW THIS, and she probably does. She also probably knows her supporters are too damn stupid to know it.

Luckily, lots and lots of people were more than happy to call her out and REMIND her.




Like so many of these mandates, restrictions, and other overreaches from our pals in government and the CDC.

We sorta love this.



Excellent point.

Maxine could absolutely write some giant checks to help out.

Notice she’s not offering.

Seems pretty simple, right?

And gosh, golly, and gee, you’d think a sitting legislator would know this.



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